Introducing: Themes

Karlsruhe crew at the boundary-pushing Aviary cocktail bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in upper Manhattan.
(Photo by Sebastian Heck Photography 2017)

To fight boredom and inject a little more fun into our drinks delivery program, we’ve decided to focus on a theme every couple of weeks until we are open again for regular business.

Along with the drinks themselves, we will feature interviews, DJ sets, videos, galleries and other content that fits into a given theme and publish it on our website for your enjoyment.

Our first theme, launching Friday (15.1.2021), is NEW YORK CITY. We’ll be interviewing my friend Vincent Marino, co-founder of Loosie Rouge, Loosie’s Kitchen, Etiquette and Sauced in Brooklyn, plus we’ll hear a new set of tunes from our house DJs Martin Schray and Thomas Weber that explores underground punk, new wave, and jazz that defined a golden era in New York. We’ll also have a gallery of photos from our friend and collaborator, Sebastian Heck.

There will be that and more as we sprinkle in new bits over the lifetime of the theme, which will probably be every 2-3 weeks. Themes won’t always be places, as they very well could be things or people. Anything, really. The point is we aim to create something for you to experience that goes beyond drinks alone. We hope you enjoy it.