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The Basics

We offer a selection of premium craft beers in cans and bottles, as well as 1L growlers from our taps. We also have a list of both stirred and shaken cocktails – you can even buy ice! Every few weeks we update our cocktail menu to reflect a theme.

Opening Hours (2021)

We are open from 17:00 until 19:30 on Friday & Saturday for walk-up customers and those who have pre-ordered on the website and selected “Eel Pick-Up”. We will take orders on the website or by phone for bicycle delivery delivery until 20:45. The 2nd and last delivery tour of the night will go out after the last orders have been made. We will deliver drinks on the 2nd tour between 21:00 and 22:00 (roughly speaking).

Anything ordered on the website after 20:45 will be delivered on the next delivery day. If it’s past 20:45 on a Saturday, we advise you to call (0721 66992906) first before placing your order.

Cocktail Serving Size

Stirred cocktails are packaged in sealed 250ml screwtop bottles (2-3 servings; serving size is roughly 100ml) and 500ml bottles (5 servings). Our shaken cocktails measure roughly 280ml (2 servings; serving size is 140ml), complete with garnish.

Shipping/Delivery Info

We will deliver to addresses in Karlsruhe City that are within a 15-minute radius from Electric Eel by bicycle – if you aren’t sure, check Google Maps for directions from your address to Electric Eel by bicycle.

Delivery is free for orders exceeding 10€. Otherwise, a flat 3€ will be added to your bill. If you would like to arrange delivery for a specific day, please reply to the “Payment received” email when you get it with those special instructions (eg., if you order your drinks on the 30th, but want them delivered on the 31st).

IMPORTANT: You must click to “calculate shipping” on the SHOPPING CART page if you have not used this shop before. You will then be able to choose “Eel pick-up”, “Free delivery” or “Flat rate” from the options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my gutschein to pay for drinks on the website?
A: No. If you wish to use a gutschein for payment, you must phone us with your order (0721 66992906).

Q: How many drinks are 250ml?
A: For stirred drinks, you can get nearly 3 servings from 250ml as the serving size is roughly 100ml.

Q: How many drinks are 280ml?
A: Sour variations that are served in 280ml servings are 2 full drinks.

Q: The price includes pfand?
A: No, the price listed is what the drink costs, and then either 1 or 2 EUR is added to the price at checkout. When you return the bottle the cocktail or beer comes in, we’ll refund your money.

Q: Can I use my old bottle(s) as my pfand for a new purchase?
A: No, that’s a bit too much to manage through the website as we’d need to make codes for every bottle. Just let the delivery person know you have bottles to return and we’ll give you the money back. Or drop them off at the Eel.

Q: Can I order something that’s not on the website?
A: If you would like to order something you don’t see available in the shop, feel free to contact us by email, message us on our social platforms or use the chat feature on our website and we’ll do our best to help you out. Just be aware that we might be busy making or delivering orders, so your best bet is to use the online shop.

Q: How late can we order drinks for same-day delivery?
A: We will make and deliver orders as late as we can, but usually the last orders go out the door an hour or so before we close as it takes time to run the circuit of deliveries with the bicycle. If you want to be sure, use the chat feature on our website before you make your order to be sure that we haven’t already run our last orders for the night.

Q: Why do you only deliver to addresses within Karlsruhe City?
A: We only deliver to addresses we can reach within 15 minutes by bicycle so we can maximize the number of customers we can serve in a delivery period. For anyone living outside that radius, you will need to pick up your order at the Eel.

Q: Can I order half that amount for half the price?
A: Yes, you can, but only as a walk-up order at the Eel.

Q: Do you serve cocktails or beers in cups to to-go?
A: No, not at the moment given the restrictions on our trade. If you walk-up and buy a drink at the Eel, we do not want you to open it and drink it – that would be against the Coronal regulation rules. We intend for you to take the drink home and enjoy it there.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: We love to make drinks and hang out at the Eel. This allows us to do that. But what’s more, we create an opportunity to keep some of our staff earning at least some money during this horrible time of shutdowns. The more you order, the more you support the staff. So, drink up!