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New York City

Table of Contents

  1. Interview: Vincent Marino – Four Happy Men Hospitality Group, Brooklyn
  2. New York City Cocktails – Delivered to You!
  3. DJ Set: Hard 2 B A Saint in the City
  4. Gallery: NYC Impressions – Sebastian Heck
  5. Interview: Jack Chester – Free Range Wine & Spirits, Brooklyn
  6. Video: Later Days with Special Guest Chris Cacavas
  7. Merch: NYC-Inspired T-Shirt Pre-Order


Vincent Marino – Four Happy Men Hospitality Group, Brooklyn

Published January 15th, 2021

In 2011, Vincent Marino arrived in New York City from London to manage one of the most anticipated cocktail bars on the Lower East Side in that expansive era. Just four short year later, he would push off on his own with three native New Yorkers to found Four Happy Men Hospitality Group. Together, they have since created a string of some of the most celebrated bars, cafes and restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Join me as I speak with him about him about his guiding principles, the state of the New York hospitality sector and what the future may hold.

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NYC Cocktails

New York Sour 9€
Bourbon, lemon, aquafaba, red wine float

Red Hook (x 2) 16€
Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur

Downtown & Brooklyn (x 2) 16€
Rye whiskey, Mondino amaro, red quinquina

Rockaway Beach Surf Club (x 2) 16€
Gin, maraschino, lime, pineapple

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DJ Set

Hard 2 B A Saint in The City

Special Thanks to DJs Martin Schray & Thomas Weber

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This set takes you back to an era when New York was the hippest place on earth. It’s a time machine that zooms in on underground punk, new wave, and jazz that defined a golden age. Love goes to music on fire melding uptown and down, high and low, gay and straight culture to capture the city’s cacophony – with a drink in your hand.

– Martin Schray


Sebastian Heck – Impressions of NYC

Published January 15th, 2021

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These images were taken in New York City in 2017 before a trip we took as a group with some of the Eel crew, Sebastian and our friend Hank the DJ from Freiburg.


Jack Chester

Jack Chester – Free Range Wine & Spirits, Brooklyn

Published January 15th, 2021

Honest to the point of recklessness, but with a wine and spirits selection that positions him squarely among the best in his category of neighborhood booze hook-up for the discerning imbiber.

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Later Days at Electric Eel Studios

Published January 15th, 2021

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Special Guest Chris Cacavas

This video was the first in what may become a semi-regular production at Electric Eel Studios – what we call “Later Days”, our attempt at a late night-style talk show. It’s down, it’s dirty, but we wanted to give it a go. What is more New York City than a late night talk show filmed in the afternoon?


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Limited Edition NYC Eel T-shirts

Published January 15th, 2021
We will take pre-orders for these limited edition NYC-inspired t-shirts for the next three weeks, and then we will send off those orders for printing so we print only what is ordered.