500 EUR
750 EUR
1000 EUR
Membership Card x x x
Reservation for you at the bar x x x
First Sign-Up for Tastings & Events x x x
Guest DJ Access x x x
Buy 6 tap beers, get 1 free x x x
Inductee Gift Basket x x x
Special Edition Electric Eel T-Shirt x x x
Eel Family Barbecue Invitation x x x
Birthday Gifts x x x
Club Portrait x x x
Portrait on the back bar x x x
Espresso 1 EUR x x x
Book Private Parties x x
Group Reservation (up to 6) x x
Prepay and save 10% x x
Advance Menu Tasting x x
Private Bottle Reserve x x
Cocktail named after you x
Emergency Pick Up x
Late Night Eel Reservation x


Note: Memberships are yearly. However, the first 11 members to sign up will be honored, regardless of their level of support, by having their names engraved in a metal plate and adhered to one of our 11 barstools. An additional 8 members will have a plate added to one of our eight small format stools that are situated throughout the Eel.

One year from our official opening, the next members on our list, in the order in which they signed up, will then replace the previous unless any of the previous choose to maintain their membership. If membership levels change, the name plate will be engraved anew.

All members will be listed in our directory as a show of our appreciation and displayed at the Electric Eel. Members may also choose to remain anonymous.

08.07.2016: Currently we have 15 members. These people rule.

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